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This community is a forum for performing singer/songwriters. This is a place where we can promote ourselves, our work, and our live performances, as well as a place to discuss minor instrument maintenance, songwriting/playing techniques, and other bits of information pertinent to solo performance of our own music.

This community is a place to come if you are stuck on a verse in a song you are writing, or have no idea what the next chord in a progression should be. If you have an idea for a song, but no idea how to go about writing it, then come to this community for help.

Only rules I'll put up, to join this community you need to be performing (or trying to perform) at least some of your own material! If you aren't writing any songs, then you aren't a singer/songwriter and shouldn't join. It's just a fact of the business, we need to maintain a repertoire of cover songs, and discussion of those is allowed, but we'll try to keep it to our own work. While influences are important, try to keep the focus on us, the singer/songwriters who are members.

Also, no drama. plenty of silly little communities around (not to mention your own journal) where you can start and maintain drama. We are professionals here, and will behave as such. Keep the discussion pertaining to work as a singer/songwriter here.

Membership is open, if you are a singer/songwriter trying to get somewhere, please join! If you are not a singer/songwriter, but interested, then watch the community anyway so you can see the artists at work (and maybe come support us at some of our shows) :)

Ben Ponder